Roadkill Skunk (Indica/Hybrid)

THC: 20%
CBD: 0%

BC Roadkill is a strain that originated in Canada and provides balanced, relaxing body effects with a euphoric head high.


BC Roadkill is another strain that British Columbia is proud to call their own. This top-shelf strain is rumored to be one of the stinkiest out there (though not in the same way that roadkill is). Growers love this strain for its consistent above average yields and 8 week flowering time. The flowers will be large and purple-blue with red hairs, and they typically reek of skunk and citrus. Its musky aroma is due to its BC Roadkill Skunk parent, which was bred with Deep Chunk to create this hybrid. Consumers also flock to scoop up this Roadkill for its strong buzz that is relaxing and trancey without being a complete knockout. Sleep may come easily, but so may euphoria and happy conversation, making this a daytime choice for many treating anxiety and stress.


Category : Flower
THC : 20%
CBD : 0%


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